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Merry Meet and Greetings,

If you would like to have Reiki energy sent to you please fill out the following form.

If you know of someone needing Reiki AND you have their permission you may request Reiki on their behalf.

Please include at least the first (or common use) name and a nickname or first letter of the last name of the person needing Reiki, their city and state and a description of the problem.

Think about it, would you like someone to ask you to go help John in San Francisco California who had high blood pressure? How many people fit that description?

You may request Reiki for physical issues, mental or emotional issues, spiritual issues, etc. You can ask for Reiki to help deal with a situation, with a project, a task or some problem.

Your request will be added into my Reiki grid.

Blessed be and nameste,

Your Name:
Your Email:
Reiki Recipient's Name:
Reiki Recipient's City:
Reiki Recipient's State:
Reiki Recipient's Country:
Description of problem or situation needing Reiki