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Guardian Angel

The term Angel is applied to a group of higher beings created by the source of all things. They are NOT tied to any one human religion or belief system. They are not Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, etc. They were created long before the world was created, before humans existed, before before any man-made belief system existed. These beings have appeared to humankind through the ages, in every culture, throughout time in different forms. Yes, they have been adopted by many different cultures and belief systems but they do not belong to anyone or any system.

These beings wish to help us along our spiritual journey.

This candle helps to draw the energy of your guardian angel into your life or situation. The candle comes with a prayer/affirmation that is read when the candle is lit. This candle may be dressed with blessing oil or any other number of oils.

Spirit protector who gives constant protection to me, my loved ones and my friends, who help me give guidance to those who assist me with answer to my life's problems and give comfort to my soul, reveal to me what I mus do tomorrow and give me strength and courage to my afflicted spirit. Make my problems disappear and restore my faith.

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