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Chakra Balancing Subscription

Chakras are energy transfer points.

There are seven primary chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown). In addition, there are the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras

This service will cleanse, balance, align, and energize the chakras listed. It will also balance and repair the the links between the charkas, as well as the energetic bodies assocaited with each chakra.

This is a montly subscription.

When you subscribe, no matter the day of the month, your chakras will aligned, balanced, and energized, the first time you go to sleep after subscribing.

Once Per Month - $25.00 Click here

Twice Per Month - $45.00 Click here

Four Times Per Month - $85.00 Click here

Eight Times Per Month - $170.00 Click here

Daily - $625.00 Click here