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Merry Meet everyone and welcome to what used to be my guest book.

If you do like my products, my site or have positive suggestions to improve the site please email them to Owner. I will take the comment and add it into the page. Because of bots that scan guestbooks looking for email addresses I will no longer include them with the comments.

It has been several years since I updated this page. Running the physical store is taking more time than I expected.

guestbook comments

Mystical Treasures Emporium is THE PREMIERE place in Southern Alabama to earn
your Reiki Certification and receive Spiritual Assistance. Instructor Phil is patient,
considerate, and dedicated to reaching all learners regardless of experience level or prior knowledge.
I am so very glad that the universe has sent me to Phil to learn and grow
from as he is truly an asset to Pagans in the Deep South.
(Thanks, C)


The prevent nightmares oil is great - really helped with my horrible dreams. Stephan


I love the kick I get from the magick powers oil, fabulous. Mystic Pixie


Terrific site. You have put a lot of work into it. Gold Dragon Lover


I love the Earth incense, reminds me to rich dirt. Craig


Contact me for pricing on staves and wands. I don't have pages created for them yet. PhilBear (owner)


Your business card says you sell wands and staves but they are not listed. Ted


Sorry Jimbo, don't have anything. I have tried all sorts of stuff ... multiple cleansings a day, alcohol, witch hazel, no cleansings, no chocolate, no fried foods, no fatty good and all sorts of oil combinations. I have also tried all sorts of over the counter acne products. Alas, I can offer no advice and have yet to come upon any herbal or magickal remedy. PhilBear (owner)


Do you have something to stop acne? Jimbo


The Mystical Herbal Reference is simply amazing. I friggin love it! Drew Nelson


I just love your oils - they are fabulous! Trixie


I love the attract a friend spell kit - I am so glad you stress not to cast it on a specific person Cubby Wubby


Right now I am not accepting students. I had two students before my mother got sick but have lost contact with them. Until my mother gets better I do not have the time to devote to teaching. Philbear (Owner)


Do you teach classes? If so I want to learn from you. Hot Bear


The creating ritual lesson is amazing - I love the generic outline you use. Stevie


The program to convert words to numbers is really neat. Use it all the time. Thanks! Briannin Treemist


I think what you are doing for your mom is so great. I only hope that my kids will be there for me if I ever need them like your mom has needed you. (Thank you all, I combined several emails with the same thought into one entry - Philbear) Sybll, Steve, Gin, Susan, Sue, Josh, Firefox, Centaur Dude, Joshua Flitwick, Bubbles


Yes, I will get the problem with the browsers fixed eventually. Between catching up on emails and trying to fill outstanding orders things are very hectic and I am returning to Tuscaloosa to help care for my mom until she gets stronger so it may be a while. Please be patient. Philbear (owner)


Are you ever going to get the problem fixed with Firefox and Netscape? Levi Mysticus


I love the lesson on Hermetic Philosophy and Magickal Ethics - very informative Winter Witch


The magickal protection oil rocks! Roger


I just love the relaxation candles. Branches


You have got to let him do Reiki on you. I have been glowing for the past 5 hours since my treatment. It is so incredible. Gin


I am now offering Reiki treatments by appointment only. PhilBear (owner)


Thanks Cuddly. Actually, if I move it will be to Tuscaloosa and I do hope to have a brick and mortor store one day. Montanna, while a nice place, is just too cold for this bear. PhilBear (Owner)


This site is incredible. Wish you had a brick and mortor store. Ever thought of moving to Montanna? Cuddly Bear


Hey Philbear, I should have written sooner. The chakra oils I got from you several months ago are great. I will be ordering some more shortly. Great work. Toddy


I have neglected things for 3 months while I was with my mother at the hospital. I have a few thousand emails to catch up on so for everyone who has sent guestbook entries please be patient while I get them entered. And if I missed anyone that sent energy and healing in my thank you please know that you are not forgotten. PhilBear (Owner)


I can't thank everyone enough for the energy and support. Mom got out of the hospital on July 28th, 3 months and 3 days after going in. Ted, Ginger, Frank, George, Starshine, Sandra, John, Jeff, Sprout, Tonks, Taimi, El, Teresa, Chris, Steve, Selena, thank you all for your email entries and energy - I am combining thanks into one post to save space. You all are really wonderful. Philbear (owner)


My mother is back in the hospital, septic shock from an infected hemo dialysis port. Will be gone for a while. PhilBear (owner)


The Mystical Herbal Reference is incredible! I love it! Everyone must try it. Starshine


The Mystical Herbal Reference program is now available. Go to the products page for the link. PhilBear (Owner)


I want to thank everyone who sent energy and support. I had several entries saying the same thing so I combined them into one entry. Hope you don't mind. Thanks again, we really appreciate it. PhilBear (Owner)


I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Sending energy to you both. Christy, James, Steve, John, Martha, Fred, Spanner, Juggles, Sandra, Jeffry, George, Ted


I am way behind on posting stuff. My mother had a heart attack on March 8th and open heart surgery on March 12th. I will get stuff added her as I can. PhilBear (owner)


I just love the library. Please write more. Jennifer


Yes, I can make up an oil blend to help protect animals. PhilBear (owner)


I do offer magickal house cleansing services in the Montgomery area and will travel further if provided with plane tickets and expenses. Contact me for pricing. PhilBear (owner)


Can you make an oil that would help to protect animals from harm? Brian


Hey, do you offer magickal house cleansing services? Piddles


I had a lot of trouble with bots putting advertisements and links to sites in my guestbook. I had a couple of entries that I caught that led to sites that tried to load viruses. Between links to sex sites and sites that tried to install harmful software I decided to take down the auto-post feature of the guestbook to protect everyone viewing the entries. I realize that sending an email is more work but I refuse to endanger my guests, customers and friends with harmful guestbook entries. PhilBear (owner)


Why do I have to send an email to post a comment, why not an auto post form? Richard Twizzler


I have considered authoring a book on magickal herbalism. Right now my efforts are focused on finishing my Mystical Herbal Reference program. PhilBear (owner)


Are you going to be writing a book on magickal herbalism? Your library contains so much useful information. Professor Sprout


That stabalize energy fields oil is incredible. Xopher


Thank you for sharing the information on magickal protection, it has really helped me out. Davies Thames


I am working on a line of massage oils. I have a pretty good base formula that mixes well with most essential oils. I should have them available later this month. PhilBear (Owner)


Those chakra oils are really sweet. Love how the energy bubbles through me when I smell and use them. Jean Claude


Can you turn your essential oil blends into massage oils? Nimble Fingers


I can't wait for the herbal program to be ready. If you need a test subject I volunteer. Drew Nelson


Thanks for the candle and healing energy for my friend Carlos. Briannin


The grief comfort oil you made really helped. Teddie


The element lesson is being written. Well it is mostly written but needs major work before it is ready for release. Please be patient. PhilBear (Owner)


Where is the element lesson????? Joshua Jansen


I am currently developing a searchable database that will be available for purchase. I hope to have it ready before the end of January 2007. PhilBear (Owner)


I wish that the herb reference was in program I could purchase. Jessica


The Goddess lotion is simply divine! So is the Jasmine. Jonah Smith


We just loved the romance bath salts. They were spot on! Nissa and Krista


Thank you for sending healing energy to me, it really helped. Tristan Breeze


I am so glad that you list the 5th element in your lessons. Roger White


I love your herb reference. It is a fabulous resource. Shantise Brown


The mars oil is just killer. Kewl work. Peter Davis


Great site with loads of great info. Thanks. James Odem


The moon and goddess oils are incredible. I just don't know what else to say but they are great! Tristan


Love the third eye chakra oil. Really works wonders. Freddy Peters


The earth oil is great. I feel like I am part of a giant mountain when I use it. Dmitri Kristov


I love the heart chakra oil. Brianin Cybermage


My sister moved in with us and the house really became chaotic. I tried the tranquil abode incense it everything seems so much better. Underwear Gnome


Fire incense is the way to go. Love it. Jerry


The peaceful dreams oil is spectacular. I had been having nightmares for weeks and since I started using the oil I haven't had any. It has been a life saver. Firebrew Mage


Your protection incense really does the job. Hairy Waters


Really kewl Perception of Energy Fields lesson. Terrific! Trina Firefox


Thanks for the casting circle and creating ritual lessons they have helped me a lot. Travis Bagwell


The past life regression oil really did wonders. I have never had such a smooth regression experience. Trina Firefox


Thanks for the initiation oil. It is really fun. Newborn Chris


I love the smudging incense. I use it every time before I enter circle. Stevan


The stabalize energy fields oil is great. It calms things down, smooths out energies. My kid is so much clamer when I burn that oil and it definitely helps me to sleep. Eli Brown


The protection incense is awesome. Muy bueno!!!! Time Magus


I just love your candles. Just right. Karen Smith


MM Kevin. Thanks for your kind words. I try to conduct business the way that I wish to be treated as a customer. I strive to make quality products at reasonable prices. PhilBear (Owner)


I really like the way you do business. Honesty and integrity are rare these days. Kevin Bates


After using the root chakra oil I feel so grounded! Thanks! Justin


I love that you use only pure essential oils in making your stuff. It is really top drawer! Patrick Dennis


We love the incense! Terrific! Josh and Kevin


The psychic powers oil is wild. It really enhances my psychic abilities. Inanna's Star


MM River Wintergreen. I was very sorry to hear of your loss. Back many years ago I was introduced to Apache Tear and its ability to help deal with grief. Part of the grief comfort oil is Apache Tear oil. I am glad that it could help ease the pain a little. And remember, death is but a doorway to a new existence and that those who cross over are not totally gone from us. Blessed Be. PhilBear (Owner)


Thanks for making up the grief comfort oil. It really helps. River Wintergreen


Kudos on the curse breaker. It sure smells bad but it sure works! Ravenwood Nightshade


The money candle is incredible! I love it. It is so unique and smells wonderful. Heat Mizer


MTE MTE RAH RAH RAH! MTE MTE Shish boom bah! Love the site! Trinity Songbird


I just finished reading the Protection 101 material. All I can say is *WOW*. Never have I see so much information put into protection in one location. Some of the stuff you talk about I have never seen before. Thanks for writing the article. Bridget Jones


The hand lotion is fantastic. I really love how thick and luxurious it is. All of my friends at work love the air lotion. Trina Firefox


MM Destin Starwind. Thanks for your comment about my solar plexus oil. PhilBear (Owner)


Man, I tried the solar plexus chakra oil and it rocks. My solar plexus is just humming away! Really premo stuff. Thanks Destiny Starwind


I am sorry to read about the trouble you had with the bots posting stuff. I do hope that everyone will understand why you took off auto posting and will not be detered from leaving comments by sending them via email. Really, it takes nearly the same time to email as it does to fill out the form. Thanks for caring enough about us to give up auto-post for our safety. Waverunner Steve


The incense burner with 4 loops is just soooooooo kewl. I love it. Thanks. Snowlover


I just love the staff that you made me. It beautiful! Jeff Ranger


I love the healing oil, it smells great and it really helped energize me. Fibro Gal


Bravo! Love the site! Happy viewer


I really love the site. Lots of incredibly useful info and I have the herb page marked! Wishbringer


The stop gossip spell kit is great. Easy to read, easy to understand. I did the ritual last week and everyone has saying bad things about me I think. Tiger Dragonwind


I saw the message from Bilbo and decided to get the water oil. Wowie! Zip! Bang! Zoom! Holy elementals Batman. The oil is amazing! Happy viewer


MM Bilbo. Glad to hear that you also work with the five element tradition. When I first started using the fifth element there were not any books on the subject and very few web sites ... of course back then the web was in its infancy. For me it just felt right. PhilBear (Owner)


I too work with a five element tradition. I ordered the spirit oil and it came in today. I love it! Bilbo


The God and Goddess oils are simply fabulous. Gingerspice Mamma


I just love the Aries oil. Osito Dan


MM Dragonboy. I am so glad that you had such wonderful results with the dragon oils. PhilBear (Owner)


The Fire, Air, Earth and Water Dragon oils are so great! I used them in my last dragon working and all the dragons just went ape shit over it. You nailed those formulas right on the head! Dragonboy


I just had to tell everyone that the prophetic dreams incense is kick ass. I burned it before going to sleep and was overwhelmed by the things that I saw. Wowzers Inspector Gadget


The magick powers bath salt is super. I used it before doing ritual and the results were incredible! You definitely know your stuff. Midnight Wisper


Can I take a moment to crongatualte you on your site. It is tres magnifique! Tanzenbar


I just bought several packs of incense from you and they arrived today. I am overwhelmed! You are great! Mistress Gaia


The dispell negativity oil is amazing. To test it I had a friend create a ball of negative energy. I put a drop of the oil on a q-tip and waved it through the ball. After the first pass the ball had gone from very negative and chaotic to slightly negative and calm. After the second pass there was no negativity and the area was completely still like at the bottom of a deep pool. Incredible! James Dragonhammer


I wish I was in Montgomery. I would love to study under you. Tazzy Grey Falcon


I know that others have said it already but thanks for creating this site. I have learned more from your library on the lessons you have up than I have learned in books on the subject. If you ever publish a book I will definitely buy it. Hope


MM Everyone. I wanted to thank everyone that has taken time to contact me about the site, the lessons, my products and everything. PhilBear (Owner)


Where did you learn to do all this stuff? The crown essential oil blend blew the top of my head right off. Sonic Sculpter


I just burned some of the calming incense ... spectacular. I love it. Lady Appleroot


Like totally wow. This site is so neat. I can't believe it. Dizzy Rita


The coffin incense holder is wonderful! And the elemental incenses are incredible. I didnt know you could hold elemental energy in an incense like that. Crystal Dave


Your candles are so unique looking. I love them. Candle Lover


I was reading through your guest book and saw where the person wanted a spell to make an ex suffer. I have run across other sites that claimed to be Wiccan that sold such material and was just shocked. Thank you for not selling such garbage! I definitely have your site book marked and when I get some money I will be ordering. Happy viewer


It arrived! The oil of welcome and greeting is amazing. I tried it in my oil burner and I was just so amazed. It had such a warm and fuzzy feeling to it. Christopher Rubbins


Wow! I just found your site. You have such incredible stuff. If I am not careful I will have to sign my entire paycheck over to you. Ivy Wolf


Darkraven Amara this is not a site for you. I do not condone nor will I create any spell, oil or incense to be used to get revenge or harm another. Thank you for look at the site but there is nothing here for you. Philbear (owner)


I am looking for a spell to cast on a guy that broke up with me to make him suffer Darkraven Amara


Boy I wish you had a physical store cause I would be in there all the time. The incense I bought was fabulous! Bearsukr Roger


I just got in the bath salts I orderd. They smell so great. I can't wait to slip into a bath. Anita Bonet


I love the runes that you special made for me. They really hum! Tyr Lover


This site is so incredible. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. Morgaine Blueray


I just found your Search For the Newborn Sun King ritual. I love it. Thanks for putting it up on your site for everyone to use. I can't wait for Yule! Kazen Hrauten


MM Witchiepoo. I take it that you are a fan of HR Puf N stuff. I have had many people make the same comment on my candles. I am not exactly sure why they come out that way. At first I was rather upset that I couldn't get the nice solid finish but so many people have said they liked the strange patterns I hope that I can keep it up. Thanks for your comment. PhilBear (Owner)


The moon pillar candle I bought was great. The appearance was not what I was expecting when I first looked at it but the more I studied it the more fascinated I became with the unusual patterning below the surface. I just love it. Witchiepoo


MM Cubby Aragon. I do not like the idea of crushing a gem just to make an oil or an elxir. I have had several crystals speak to me and I have felt the pain of crystals that have been drilled. PhilBear (Owner)


Ohhhh, I just love the solar crystal oils. It definitely is nice that you don't destroy the crystal to make the oils. Cubby Aragon


I tried the attract a friend spellkit. I had tried similar stuff before and either didnt find someone or I kept finding married men. I never thought to specify that I should specify single. Great work. Lady Kestrail


Your healing oil is wonderful! Angela Parker


Jesus! That herbal reference is incredible! It was so much of a help. I am now off to place an order. Mystic BearLover


This site is just soooooo cool. I love it. The Library is amazing. I do hope you will add more stuff to it soon. Dallas


Hi Harry.
Yes, it does stink. One of my magickal teachers made a similar incense that packed a poweful punch and definitely had a nasty smell. When I created my blend I was inspired by some of the oil that I left over from years ago.
Philbear (owner)


Beware of that curse breaker - IT STINKS! Wait, I dont want that to come out wrong. The incense is very powerful but it definitely has a nasty smell. If I were a negative entity or a curse or a negative spell I wouldn't want to be anywhere near it. You should have seen the look on the face of the postman when he handed me the package. But boy that stuff really worked! Harry Potter


I just had to write and say thank you for the bath salts. I thought I had been buying good bath salts until I tried yours. I am hooked on them. Joshua Ravenclaw


Oh man, I just love those candles. I ordered all of the elemental candles. I don't know how he does it but each candle is unique. The smells are amazing and the energy is dead on. Moonravenstar


MM Jessica. I am glad that you liked the house cleaning kit. I want to wish you best luck with your studies and if you have any questions feel free to ask. (And that goes for everyone else as well.) PhilBear (Owner)


I am new to the craft and orderd PhilBears house cleaning kit. I recently moved into a new place and while I like the place it didn't feel exactly right. I got the kit a few days ago and did the ritual describe in it. The incense smelled incredible. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. After I was done the house felt all warm and cozy and right. Jessica


I ordered the chakra oils and just tried them. They are dead on. As I smelled each one I could feel the corresponding chakra tingle within me. It is so amazing. These oils definitely do what I expected ... balance and energize my chakras. Saturnalia Dude


I absolutely love the Jasmine hand creme you made for me. My skin feels so soft. WitchyWoman


I am so glad that the glamor oil worked for you. I tried to do my best to make your glamors more real. PhilBear (Owner)


Wow, I had Phil make me up some oil to make my glamors seem more real. Boy, be carefule what you ask for. When using the oil my glamors began to have weight and felt solid. I am hooked. Nightowl


Hi there. I love the site. Sorry to hear about the problems with the bots. I hope that it will not keep people from sending you comments. Starchild Moonwalker


Hi Mendi,
Thanks for your comments. I am working on getting pictures. My camera broke and I haven't been able to replace it yet. The oils, perfumes, etc. are in 1 dram clear vials or a 1/6 dram perfume sampler. Hopefully I will get pictures shortly.
PhilBear (owner)


I like the site. The products seem interesting but maybe have pictures of the products because customer like to see what they are buying.
Blessed Be!


The legal matters oil is terrific. Phil whipped me up a spell kit to help me with a court case. Things looked bad but after I did the spell someone came forward at the last minute with critical information and the judge ruled in my favor. Danny


Hi everyone. I am having problems with various bots, automated programs and people putting junk in the guestbook. I am trying my best to try to keep people advertising sex sites, putting in links to harmful sites and worse out of the entries. PhilBear (Owner)


To clarity, if you see any body part listed in the URL it is not one that should be on this site. PhilBear (Owner)


Boy, I turn my back for a couple of days and junk gets posted. I just deleted several advertisements. Please, do not follow links unless you know the people ... especially when they look bogus. PhilBear (Owner)


Lovely site! I am in Montgomery also, and I would love to find out more about this. Great selection of products,. We need more stores like yours around... Priest Raven Nightspell


I read with great interest you sections on energy, sending receiving etc. I have felt the "energy ball" between my hands, I have felt that I have sent energy to another over a large distance. This is a very simulating read. Would you use the same principles to send "thought" as are used in sending Energy? Your site is very nicely put together and naviagated, that you take pride in your craft is ob...(trimmed) donna


Great site...still looking it over but really good work! Kia


I need an address so I can get there. I am not from Montgomery, and I have no clue how to get there aria


The jasmine hand lotion is amazing. You have a new customer for sure! Blessed be. Willoe Tree


Just stopped by for a look...welcome to All Children of Gaia!! Your Website is very nice. Rhiannon


people this guys stuff is great phill i just want to say thanxs big guy for the sample set of bath salts. the effects were out of this world and anyone else who reads this this guy knows his stuff. Djinn


I want to apologize to anyone who read the guest book entry from someone named Kelly. Not only did this individual post a store website but it is a store that offers to work black magick, cast hexes and curses, death magick among other services.
PhilBear (Owner)


Phil made me a magraine oil. I used it yesterday on my third eye, and the headache was gone immediately. My headaches can last up to 3 days, which put me in bed. Usually I have to use medication that I am required to sign for before recieving, and I'm still have to stay in bed. Can't wait to use the other magicial oils and baths he recently blended! ginger


i like bear roger phiillips


Thank you for visiting and leaving comments. I must insist that you do not advertise your commercial website in my guestbook without first contacting me and obtaining my permission. If you wish to establish a reciprocal link with my site then contact me. In the future, unauthorized advertisements in my guestbook will be deleted. PhilBear (Owner)


This is a comforting site in a way. It's easy to feel isolated in good ole Montgomery. Brioninn


i am near Brundidge Al.. am about 50 miles south of Montgomery. i sell chihuahua's & jrt's/ ben a pagan my whole life.. StarRose

Great to see a site in the Montgomery Area! I'm also hoping to get to know more Pagans in the area as I am the only one I know!! Mikki


He had a good taecher. Jim


Its a special website by a very special person who changed my perspective about America and Americans Tariq


MM,Congrats on your site! Best Wishes! Saelyn Samhainborn

Wonderful. I love seeing someone in alabama with a website. For Feng Shui, Jewelry, Dreamcatchers, medicine bags, crystals... visit LyonZPath Manyfeather

One more thought. Don't let the lack of "glitzy" stuff on the web site fool you. Phil tries to design web sites that will load quickly so he keeps graphics and glitz to a minimum. I am sure he will get some pictures of his items soon. Last I knew, he only had a cheap webcam/digital camera combo ... I bet he doesn't like the quality of the photos he has produced thus far. Xerxes


This dude knows his stuff - been using things he has made for years. Xerxes


Oils, oil blends, and candles are powerful! I also highly recommend the kits. ginger