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Mystic Library

Welcome to the library of Mystical Treasures Emporium.

I wrote the following articles in the hope of helping provide information to others.

Please be sure to follow any warnings given in the articles. The articles were written to be of interest to all levels of practitioners. Some of the material presented should only be attempted after a sufficient level of proficiency is obtained.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Wicca 101   Lesson 1 - History And Beliefs
Wicca 101   PDF of Lesson 1
Wicca 101   Lesson 2 - Hermetic Philosophy
Wicca 101   Lesson 3 - The Perception and Sources of Energy Fields
Wicca 101   Lesson 4 - Elements (being written)
Wicca 101   Lesson 5 - Casting Circle
Wicca 101   Lesson 6 - Creating Ritual
Magickal Protection   Magickal Protection 101
Calculator   Convert Words and Names to Numbers - Java script
Crystal Information   Crystal Information
Herb Information   Magickal Herb Reference
Moon Phase Dates   Moon Phase Dates
Seasonal Plays Winter Solstice Search For The New Born Sun King
Recipes Holidays and Sabbats Banana Walnut Loaf Cake
Lessons to be Written
Wicca 101   Personal Shielding
Wicca 101   Introduction to the Eight Holidays, Sabbats, Moon Phases
Wicca 101   Color - Associations, color magick, color elixirs/infusions
Wicca 101   Crystals - Introduction, crystal structure, focus on basic crystals including quartz, blood stone, hematite, citrine, tigers eye, amethyst, crystal elixirs/infusions
Wicca 101   Introduction to Herbalism
Wicca 101   List magick and paper making
Wicca 101   Candle magick and making candles
Wicca 101   Symbolism
Wicca 101   Numerology
Wicca 101   Sigil Magick, Poppet and Sachet Magick
Wicca 101   Runes and runic Magick
Wicca 101   Putting it all together, a review and integration
Wicca 101   Magickal tools and magickal item creation
Wicca 101   Magickal Protection beyond personal shielding
Wicca 101   Samhain
Wicca 101   Winter Solstice
Wicca 101   Candlemas
Wicca 101   Spring Equinox
Wicca 101   Beltane
Wicca 101   Mid Summer
Wicca 101   Lammas
Wicca 101   Fall Equinox
Wicca 101   Magickal Rites of Passage
Wicca 101   When do you use magick and should you do magick for a specific reason
Wicca 101   Introduction to Astrology and the Zodiac
Wicca 101   Divination in general, pendulum divination, tea leaf reading
Wicca 101   Divination part two, palmistry and other forms but not tarot
Wicca 101   tarot Major Arcana part 1 cards 0 through 11
Wicca 101   Major Arcana part 2 cards 12 through 21
Wicca 101   Tarot Minor Arcana Wands/Staves
Wicca 101   Tarot Minor Arcana Cups
Wicca 101   Tarot Minor Arcana Pentacles/Coins
Wicca 101   Tarot Minor Arcana Swords
Wicca 101   Reading with the Tarot, example readings and interpretation
Wicca 101   Practicum with the Tarot
Wicca 101   Scrying (Water, Crystal, Fire) and Psychometry
Wicca 101   Remote Viewing
Wicca 101   Medicinal Herbalism
Wicca 101   Magickal Herbalism
Wicca 101   The Aura, The Seven Major Chakras, The 21 minor chakras and the 108 energy meridians
Wicca 101   Magickal Healing and overview, when to use magickal healing, types of magickal healing
Wicca 101   Auric Touch and Psychic Squeegee, Scanning
Wicca 101   Crystal Healing
Wicca 101   Healing through Herbs, Candles and Sound
Wicca 101   Reiki
Wicca 101   "Love Magick" - ethical use, "cosmic dating board spell"
Wicca 101   Magickal "MacGyver" - a multi session discussion where lists of items are given and then the student is presented a problem or situation to be dealt with magickally and how they would do it.