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Crystal Reference Page

When I first opened Mystical Treasures Emporium, I had four different crystal refence books on a lecturn near the crystal display.

I got tired of looking through multiple books to find crystal information. I started to collect the information that I felt was most important

and stored them in the program my husband wrote to keep tract of the inventory and sales.

Customers saw the notes, wanted to read them, and get copies. I then started putting the pages into

three ring binder. The first binder was a 1/2 inch, then I switched to a 1 inch, then 2 inch, and it is now up to a 5 inch binder

These pages are a work in progress. Since the notes were for myself, I didn not do a lot of editing on the content.

I decided to make these personal notes available to everyone.

They are a work in progress. I warn everyone reading these, I have a BS in Electrical Engineering, not English.

These pages are not intended to cover everything that every crystal can do. The initial idea was to create short paragraphs on each crystal.

The short paragraphs grew longer as I included more information.

Click on a crystal name for information on the crystal

Abalone Agate Agate_Black Agate_BlueLace
Agate_Botswana Agate_Brown Agate_CrazyLace Agate_Dendridic
Agate_Eyes Agate_Fire Agate_MexicanLace Agate_Moss
Agate_Tree AgatizedFossilCoral Amazonite Amber
Amethyst Amethyst_Cheveron Ametrine Ammonite
Andalusite Angelite ApacheGold ApacheTear
Apatite Apophyllite AquaAura Aquamarine
Aragonite Aragonite_Green Astrophyllite AtlantisStone
Atlantisite Auralite23 Aventurine_Blue Aventurine_Green
Aventurine_Peach Aventurine_Red Axinite Azurite
Barite Basalt Bloodstone Buddstone
Calcite_Amber Calcite_Blue Calcite_Green Calcite_Honey
Calcite_Orange Carnelian CatsEye Cavansite
Celestine Celestite Chalcedony Chalcedony_Blue
Chalcopyrite Chariote Chiastolite ChineseWritingStone
Chrysocolla Chrysoprase Citrine Cordierite
Corundum_Rainbow Cuprite DalmationCrystal Diopside_BlackStar
DophinStone Dumortierite Emerald Epidote
FairyCross Flint Fluorite FoolsGold
Fuechsite Garnet GoldenAzeztulite Goldstone_Blue
Goldstone_Green Goldstone_Red Granite HealersGold
Hematite HematiteRainbow Hemimorphite_Blue Hemimorphite_Pink
HerkimerDiamond Heulandite Heulandite_Green Heulandite_White
Hiddenite Howlite Idocrase IndigoGabbro
InfiniteStone Iolite Jade Jade_Chinese
Jade_Nephrite Jade_White Jasper_Black Jasper_Breciated
Jasper_Brown Jasper_Coffee Jasper_Dalmation Jasper_DesertSunset
Jasper_DragonBlood Jasper_Fancy Jasper_Golden Jasper_Green
Jasper_Kambaba Jasper_LeopardSkin Jasper_Mookaite Jasper_Oribuclar(Ocean)
Jasper_Picture Jasper_Red Jasper_Speckled Jasper_SpiderWeb
Jasper_Starry Jasper_SunStone Jasper_Walnut Jasper_Yellow
Jasper_Zebra Jet K2Crystal Kunzite
Kyanite_Black Kyanite_Blue Kyanite_Green Kyanite_Mystic
KyaniteCrystallineBlueGreen Labradorite LapisLazuli Larimar
Larvikite LavaRock LavenderJade Lazurite
LemurianSeedCrystal LemurianStarCrystals Lepidolite Lodestone
Magnetite Malachite Marcacite Merlinite
Merlinite_Black Merlinite_Mystic Mica_Fuchiste Mica_Seafoam
Miriam Moldavite Mookaite Moonstone
Moonstone_Peach Moonstone_Rainbow Morganite MotherofPearl
Muscovite MysticalMerlinte NantanMeteorite Nephrite
Nuummite Obsidian_Black Obsidian_Blue Obsidian_GoldSheen
Obsidian_Green Obsidian_Mahogany Obsidian_Rainbow Obsidian_Rainbow
Obsidian_Snowflake Obsidian_Strawberry Obsidian_Yellow Onyx_Black
Onyx_Blue Onyx_Green Onyx_Pakistan Onyx_Yellow
Opal Opal_Dendritic Opal_Green Opal_Pink
Opalite Pectolite_Blue Peridot Petalite
PetrifiedWood Phenacite Pietersite Pistacite
Porphyry_Red Prasiolite Prehnite Psilomelane
Pyrite Quartz Quartz_AngelAura Quartz_Aqua
Quartz_Blue Quartz_ChampagneAura Quartz_Clear Quartz_Crackle
Quartz_DarkRainbowAura Quartz_Faden Quartz_Fire Quartz_FlameAura
Quartz_GoldenHealer Quartz_Green Quartz_HematoidFire Quartz_HimalyanGolden
Quartz_Lemurian Quartz_Mystic Quartz_OrangeElestial Quartz_Peach
Quartz_Purple Quartz_RainbowAura Quartz_Rose Quartz_Rutilated
Quartz_Smoky Quartz_SnowyorWhite Quartz_Solar Quartz_Strawberry
Quartz_Tangerine Quartz_TitaniumAura Quartz_Tourmilated Quartz_Yellow
RainbowCalsilica Rhodium Rhodochrosite Rhodonite
Rhyolite Rubellite Ruby RubyZoisite
Rutile Sandstone Sapphire Sardonyx
Scolecite SedonaliteVortexShamanStones Selenite Selenite_Orange
Septarian Seraphinite Serpentine ShivaLingam
Shungite Simbircite Sodalite SonoranSunrise
Spectrolite Stefilia'sStone Stilbite Stitchtite
Stromatolite Sugilite Sunstone Super7
Tasmanite Tektite Terahertz TiffanyStone
TigerEye_Blue TigerEye_Gold TigerEye_Red Titanium
Topaz Tourmaline_Black Tourmaline_Green Tourmaline_Pink
Tourmaline_Watermelon Turquesite Turquoise Turquoise_African
Turquoise_Yellow Unakite Verdite Vesonite
Vezuvianite Zeolite Zoisite