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Brass Mortar and Pesltle 2.75 in x 2.75 in

An enchanting and durable mortar & pestle crafted of brass with gentle ribbing along its sides. Patterns vary. It measures 2.75 in tall it has an opening measuring 2.75 in diameter.

Item Number: 8164

Price: $12.95

Available: 5

Brass Mortar and Pestle 3 in x 2.75 in with Designs

Brass mortar and pestle

Item Number: 8605

Price: $22.95

Available: 5

Herb Grinder 2 in Plain

Herb grinder, plain

Item Number: 8611

Price: $6.95

Available: 7

Pentacle Herb Grinder

Herb grinder for mascerating herns, pentacle on top

Item Number: 8609

Price: $11.95

Available: 5

Suribachi Mortar 7in blue

Item Number: 823

Price: $22

Available: 2

Triple Moon Herb Grinder )Sheesham Wood)

Grinder for macerzting herbs, triple moon on top

Item Number: 8608

Price: $11.95

Available: 4

White Ceramic 9 in

9 in x 7in x 4in white ceramic mortar and pestle

Item Number: 8610

Price: $59.95

Available: 3