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Black Sage 4 inch

Salvia mellifera, black sage, is a member of the Salivia family. Excellent for purification.

Item Number: 7972

Price: $4.75

Available: 20

Blue Sage 8 in (Salvia azurea

Item Number: 7355

Price: $12.95

Available: 19

Blue Sage and Dragon Blood 4 inch

Blue sage is wonderful for getting rid of negative just like white sage but the scent is not as strong.

Item Number: 7607

Price: $4.75

Available: 30

California White Sage 4in Finger

4 inch California White Sage in a torch bundle

Item Number: 7510

Price: $4.25

Available: 44

California White Sage 5in

California White Sage, 5 to 6 inch bundle.

Item Number: 685

Price: $5.95

Available: 18

California White Sage 9in

9 inch white sage bundle

Item Number: 687

Price: $12.95

Available: 26

California White Sage and 7 Chakra

4 inch white sage with chakra flowers

Item Number: 8296

Price: $5.95

Available: 21

California White Sage and Blue Sage 4 in

4 inch long bundle of white sage and blue sage

Item Number: 7730

Price: $4.75

Available: 2

California White Sage and Cinnamon 4 inch Bundle

4 inch bundle of white sage and cinnamon sticks.

Item Number: 7606

Price: $4.75

Available: 35

California White Sage and Dragon Blood 4 inch

White Sage and Dragon Blood Smudge approximately 4 inch long

Item Number: 7885

Price: $4.75

Available: 51

California White Sage and Eucalyptus 4 inch

This is a combination of white sage and eucalyptus.

Item Number: 7608

Price: $4.75

Available: 28

California White Sage and Lavender 4 inch

Item Number: 7353

Price: $4.75

Available: 44

California White Sage and Rose Petal 4 in

California white sage and rose petals 4 inch

Item Number: 8297

Price: $5.95

Available: 19

California White Sage and Rosemary 4 inch

Rosemary and white sage bundle 4 inch long

Item Number: 7614

Price: $4.75

Available: 20

Desert Sage 4 inch

Salvia dorrii, dessert sage is a member of the salvia family. It has a peppery or minty scent. Excellent for cleanings negative energy and protection.

Item Number: 7973

Price: $4.25

Available: 18

Lavender 4 in

Lavender is a wonderful herb for cleansing negative energies.

Item Number: 7798

Price: $4.75

Available: 5

Sage Brush and California White Sage 8 inch

Item Number: 7227

Price: $9.5

Available: 1

White Sage, Dragon Blood, Blue Sage 4 inch

A triple smudging combo of white sage, blue sage, and dragon blood.

Item Number: 8276

Price: $5.25

Available: 28