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Green Rice Money Prosperity 1oz

This is PhilBears version of Green Rice. I looked at several different formulas. All of the

It has Prosperity Plus oil in it. Prosperity Plus is a combination of my magickal oils Money Drawing, Fast Luck, and Prosperity oils all in one. Some of the elements of the blend include cinnamon, basil, bay, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, sage, and others - all powerful money drawing herbs.

It has also be infused with the energy of citrine, lodestone, pyrite. Also, gold, silver, diamond, sapphire, jade, topaz, and some of the energies of the most valuable gemstones on the planet.

It has the Reiki energy to remove negative energy, blocks from drawing money, to protect money, and manifestation money using a combination of energies from Usui Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, and Kaleidoscopic Reiki.

Through techniques from Kaleidoscopic Reiki, the energy component of $1 million USD in new $100 bills has been added.

All the energies have been harmonized to draw money and prosperity.

Green rice can be used in mojo bags, carried in a wallet or purse, a few grains in the shoe or a pocket, sprinkled around the house, given to a prosperity/money bowl, business can put some in their cash register and/or petty cash bag, etc.

Do not ingest. Not for consumption.

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