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Mood Elevator Spray 3oz

This spray is used to help light the mood of an individual, group, or area. Think of it like sunshine in a bottle.

It is infused with Reiki energy as well as crystal energies. It contains a special blend of essential oils, artesian well water from Prattville AL, and pure grain alcohol as a preservative.

Several emotionally uplifting essentials oils were selected for this blend. It is infused with the energies of Angelite, Amethyst, Citrine, and Fluorite. In addition, the Usui Reiki 2 energies of the power symbol and mental /emotional symbol are included with the intent of lighting your spirits and making you happier. It also includes an energy from Kaleidoscopic Reiki to help transform negative and destructive thoughts into more constructive and educational thoughts.

If you bring the bottle back to me I give you a 15% discount on the refill.

Please be sure to clean the bottle first.

Item Number: 7883

Price: $9.95

Available: 20