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Orisha Elegua Macuto Black/Red Blessed By Ifa Priestess

Elegua is the gatekeeper of the Orishas. His colors are red and black. He represents the beginning and ending of life. He is one of the warriors. You must go through him to get permission to interact with the other Orishas. He is the ruler of the crossroads, roads, and doorways.

This macuto has been blessed by an Ifa priestess and been charged with the energies of Elegua.

A Macuto is a carried talisman dedicated to a specific Orisha. It consists of a seed been surrounded by beads in colors specific to the Orisha with one or more cowrie shells. These amulets are carried to draw the powers and the abilities of the Orisha as well as to honor the Orisha.

***These items are kept locked away at the direction of Orunla. You must ask for them at the checkout desk or bring one of the item cards.

Item Number: 8037

Price: $24.95

Available: 19